Paxton’s Dedication

We dedicated Paxton to the Lord today, or as John David likes to say, we dedicated ourselves to the Lord as parents! We made a promise that we will raise our son in a Christian home and guide him to the Lord.

This was a very special dedication because Pastor David Simmerman did the dedication. 4 years ago David performed our wedding ceremony (and he was on staff at another church and we were still in college — John David and David are now on staff together!) Paxton is wearing an outfit that his daddy wore.

Praying for Paxton and our family.

Paxton’s grandparents

Paxton’s giggles for his grandpa

And I had to share this one, as I was flipping through the pictures I saw this one and just love his expression! It’s like he is saying, please stop taking all these pictures of me!

Vacation Bible School

This past week was VBS at church! I taught the Pre-Kindergarten class and Paxton was in the baby class! (The busyness of teaching 15 5&6 year olds, plus deadline week at work plus nursing a baby explains my lack of blogging!)

The VBS theme was “Saddle Ridge Ranch.” I was thrilled Paxton’s very first VBS had a western theme!

He was in the “Baby Chicks” class and I dressed him in his western/farm clothes everyday!






He even wore his farm jammies to bed Thursday night!!

We had a great week at VBS but I’m looking forward to snuggling more with my baby this coming week and not chasing around 15 kiddos!

Another Rainy Day

Our Sunday began as most Sundays do, with the alarm clock going off at 6:00! John David woke, showered and left for church around 7:15. I had intentions of getting up with him and maybe going on to church with him so I wouldn’t have to drive too but that did not happen!

Right after he left Paxton was fussy so I nursed him and we both fell asleep. The next thing I know, John David was calling me and it was 9:40! (I had my alarm set for 9:00…guess I was in such a deep sleep I didn’t hear it!) I got out of bed and got myself ready and then dressed our little man and headed to church.

Looking so cute in his little Polo romper!

We met daddy in the parking lot and he carried Paxton in and he was oohed and aahed over again! I sat in the back again this Sunday and held him half of the service and Sharlene held him the other half!

When church was over it was raining, really hard so we decided that we would leave John David’s truck at church! (I was very thankful because I hate driving in the rain…I would be even more afraid with my precious little passenger!) John David went and got the car and pulled it under the awning and Paxton and I didn’t get wet at all!

Once at home, I nursed him first thing because he was starving (or at least he thought he was…he cried half of the drive home!) After feeding him we had spaghetti and garlic bread for lunch and then I skyped with my family. While I was talking to them, John David climbed into the recliner and took a nap and as soon as I hung up my skype call I laid down too!

After our late afternoon naps, we watched a little TV and looked online about the flooding in Nashville and then John David started cooking dinner. While he was cooking, I had a mini photo shoot with Paxton!

So cute in his camo bib!!

Paxton is wearing an outfit that his daddy wore as a baby! He looks so sweet in the little hat!

Paxton was glad daddy told mama it was time to eat because he was getting tired of all the pictures!

Our delicious chicken nachos John David made! He made homemade queso (which was amazing!) We ate them with his homemade guacamole too! (John David is our “gourmet” cook…I stick to the basics, he does fancy things!)

While we ate dinner, Paxton sat in his swing, he was awake and completely content about 15 minutes and then he drifted off and looked so cute I had to snap a picture!

After dinner we sat on the couch and watched more TV…that’s just what you do on a rainy Sunday!

Paxton hanging out with daddy after nursing, doesn’t he look so content?

Getting some love from mama! I just love kissing my sweet boy on the forehead!

Now we’re ready for bed!

*We have not been effected by the flooding in our area. Our neighbors have some standing water in their yards but our home is on a slight incline. Our only rain related issue is that our driveway has washed a little but we certainly aren’t complaining about something as small as that!

First Sunday at Church

Paxton wearing a sailor outfit that was his daddy’s when he was a baby!

I felt great Saturday so we decided that Paxton and I would go to church on Sunday! John David left home around 7:30 as usual and we decided that I would come to church around 10:00, nurse him there and go to the 11:00 service.

After he finished nursing, his proud daddy showed him off a little! Paxton and I attended the 11:00 service, we sat near the back (I typically sit up front but I didn’t want to be a distraction if I had to get up and leave with a fussy baby!)

It was so wonderful to worship with my sweet babe in my arms! We sang “How Great is Our God” and I cried looking at Paxton and marveling at how truly great our God is! He slept through the entire worship set and sermon! I did find it quite ironic that he slept through the sermon; when he was in my womb, as soon as I sat down after worship he started kicking!

I love this picture of my two men!! I find that I love my husband even more now that we have a child together!

I love my son so much! (And he originally was wearing white socks…we had a little incident while changing his diaper!)

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