Reading to Brother

Paxton is such a good big brother! He loves Weston so much {sometimes a little too roughly though!} A few days ago, I told Paxton to go get some books and read to brother. He listened! He went and grabbed a few of his favorites and brought them to where Weston was!

He actually ‘gave’ them to Weston {not the book on the baby!} and did some reading!

And then he put this one on his brother!! 🙂

Weston listening to big brother read about animals!

I snapped this picture and I just love everything about it, the sweet baby in the background, the adorable toddler fingers and the upside down book!

I think he’s learning! So precious!

The Boys

Sweet Weston hanging out in his bouncer/rocker! We love this thing!!

Big yawn from a little boy!!

Paxton’s serious face!

And his grumpy face!! {No smiles for mama or the camera this day!}

Just hanging out…notice big brothers leg in the background!!

Checking out a remote! {I don’t remember why his pants were off but he won’t hardly keep socks on at home!}

Hanging out! {Another reason why I love the bouncer/rocker so much…it’s infant to toddler so it’s dual purpose around here!}


Matching Brothers

A Little Comparison


I know these pictures aren’t exactly the same since one has his eyes closed and the other open but they’re wearing the same thing (I love this sweet sleeper!) and are on the same changing table so I had to share!


Paxton at 2 days old! Sweet boy!!


Weston at 8 days old! Bright eyed and checking everything out!


Going Home

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