The End of March

Here’s a few favorite pictures from the end of March:

In their brother shirts! We bought Paxton’s when we found out baby number two was on the way and we found Weston’s a few weeks ago!

My boys are full of personality!!

Look at this precious boy!!

We had a mini (and somewhat unsuccessful…it’s hard to photograph two!) photo shoot the day the boys wore their matching rompers!

Sweet boys!! (Little Weston was not up for holding his head up this day!)

I love that this little expression was captured!

A little editing on this precious shot!

Daddy and his boys!

Love! Look at Paxton’s puckered little lips!!

The boys!!

Precious brotherly love!

Wearing Hats

Daddy almost always wears a hat so naturally Paxton loves to wear hats and little brother can finally wear his hat! I had to take a few pictures of the boys on the first day Weston wore his sweet little hat!

Sweet, sweet brothers! As they’re getting older it’s getting a little easier to take their picture together. Paxton is listening a little better and Weston doesn’t immediately cry when sat down!

Paxton is all boy and I’m pretty sure Weston is going to be just like him!

I love that this little moment was captured! I think they look so much alike here!!

A little lovin’ for little brother!

And something to make you laugh! When we tell Paxton to smile, he almost always gives us this big, super cheesy grin…it’s adorable!

The Boys

Paxton and Weston received a package in the mail from Mimi last week! Inside were new hats! Paxton loved them both..he loves hats! He insisted on wearing his and kept it on inside for at least 30 minutes!

One cute, cute little boy!

Eating a snack…this boy is always eating these days!

So sweet!!

And baby brother has been doing a lot of sleeping…we think he’s going through a growth spurt every other day! He’s changing almost daily and losing his newborn look.

Sweet, sweet, sweet sleeping boy! We love this little one so much!

Playing with Brother

Last Friday while I was working on dinner, I had Weston in his bouncer in the kitchen and Paxton was just playing. Paxton soon moved his coloring table and chair over to where Weston was! I suppose he wanted Weston to help him color!

Brothers “playing together” for the first time! This warmed my heart so much, Paxton is such a big brother and I know he is going to love playing with Weston when he gets a little older and starts interacting!

Our sweet Paxton! This little guy just brings so much joy to us and right now he’s at a stage where he’s learning so much and we’re having a blast as his parents!

Sweet little Weston! Well, he’s quickly trying to outgrow the ‘little’ part! He’s beginning to interact a teeny bit with us and has been cooing lately, so precious!!

Cloth Diapered Babies

Last week after baths, I put both of the boys in two of their new bumGenius diapers {I love the colors Sassy & Mirror!!} I wanted to get some pictures of my cloth diapered babies and I love these shots!

Paxton was thrilled to be holding his brother!

He just loves Weston!!

Sweet, sweet Paxton loving on Weston!

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