Ready for Church

Dressed up and ready to go to church Sunday morning!

Look at those feet!

Toppling over…

Studying his hands…

And his feet…

Completely comfy!


He loves playing with his feet!

Oh my, the toes!!! I adore his sweet little feet!

We’ve been so blessed with this sweet gift!!

365 Days Ago

One year ago today, we went for our first OB visit and heard the heartbeat of a teeny, tiny baby! We were in love from the moment we first saw our baby! I think it’s special that we saw Paxton for the very first time on his great grandpa Boreing’s birthday  (September 8th) and we met him on his grandpa Boreing’s birthday (April 16th)!

I’m absolutely amazed that the little tiny peanut sized baby we saw just one year ago is now an active and fun (almost) 17 pound baby!

Here he is today! He’s changed quite a bit in 365 days!!

This morning in his baseball jammies! (This was before breakfast so I’m thankful he wasn’t screaming!)

He has made friends with his feet! I think he is just so cute when he is playing with his feet!

Looking serious!

Today he’s picked back up on sucking on his lower lip. He did this when he was a newborn and today rediscovered it!

More lower lip sucking! He’s done this all day long! It’s amazing how babies all the sudden pick up a new habit!!

Looking completely precious!

We love this little guy so much!

And Happy Birthday Papaw, we love you!!

New Diapers

Receiving new diapers is exciting! When you’re down to two pre-folds and one cover on laundry day, you certainly are very excited to receive a package containing 5 new diapers!

Yay! It’s here!!

Paxton and his package of diapers, which is just about as big as he is! (He could have cared less but it was like Christmas for mama…I won a $100 Cotton Babies gift card 2 weeks ago and was so excited to receive the diapers! I only spent $12.50 out of pocket and that included insuring my package!)

His diaper loot!!

5-Bum Genius 3.0 One-Size diapers

1-Planet Wise Medium Wet Bag

2-Indian Pre-Folds

His new diapers Twilight, Butternut, Grasshopper, Clementine and Twilight! I am excited to have the Butternut (yellow) and Twilight (blue) diapers…we didn’t have either of those colors!

And of course I washed a load of new diapers and hung them on the line! (Fun!)

And I had a cute little stinker in my laundry basket full of diapers when it was time to stuff!!

My First Mother’s Day

I had a wonderful first Mother’s Day! I woke to find a framed picture of me and Paxton lying in the Pack N Play beside him that said “Happy First Mother’s Day, Thanks for being my Mommy -Paxton.” Precious! I even wore my baby blue cardigan in honor of being a mama to a baby boy!

Paxton and I went to church early with daddy this morning! It went well, I fed him once we arrived at church and John David was able to hold him for awhile before the first service began. I went to small group this morning (for the first time in almost 2 years since I taught pre-school Sunday School before Paxton!) Since I had Paxton with me, I spent about half the time trying to keep him from being a distraction since he was a little fussy. After small group I fed him and then he was still a little fussy so I sat out in the hallway and watched the rest of the sermon on the hall TV.

As soon as we arrived home from church we took a few pictures outside.

I love this baby! And look at Paxton’s hair…it’s brown but looks reddish in the sun, just like mine! He is his daddy made over but he gets his hair from me!!

I could kiss him all day…on his forehead, his sweet nose, his chubby cheeks!

Our beautiful rose bushes that my Grandpa and Grandmother Clark gave me in honor of Paxton’s birth! They are beautiful and smell so good!

We had a lovely lunch of grilled hamburgers and fries followed by ice cream! Yum!

After lunch we watched some TV and Paxton was fussy. His daddy could not soothe him, only me. I think he is realizing that I am his mama! I held him for about 2 hours and then after his feeding he was still fussy so I wrapped him in the Moby Wrap.

Loving on Paxton in the Moby!

He fell asleep in the Moby and slept about 2 hours! I was able to snuggle my baby close, eat dinner, talk to my mom and blog while he was snoozing! I really love babywearing!

And then we had a fabulous dinner! John David grilled hot wings! Oh my goodness…they were not only gorgeous, they were delicious (slightly spicy but still good!) I joked that he fixed me “man food” on Mother’s Day (hamburgers and hot wings.) Of course I am the mother of a boy so I suppose the “man food” is fitting.

Handmade Baby Gifts

We have received several handmade baby gifts for Paxton that are beautiful and special!

This baby blue crochet blanket is from Sharon…it’s beautiful!

Sharlene made us this baby blue and white crochet blanket! It’s gorgeous too!

Lori embroidered Paxton’s name on this blanket that her mother-in-law made! And the lace is homemade too!

Adorable bibs from Lori!

Burp cloths from Lori! I just love seeing Paxton’s name embroidered on his baby things!

Receiving these gifts have been special because these wonderful ladies took time to create something for our son! I plan to begin giving more handmade items as baby gifts because they are so special!

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