Paxton’s Birthday Party: The Cake

I made cupcakes and a tiny smash ┬ácake for Paxton topped with a “1”! His daddy and I blew out the candle {and I was holding the flaming cake out of Paxton’s reach! At one point he tried to touch the flame…boys!}

He had a bit of a slow, somewhat neat start to the cake!

Then daddy held it up for him and he really got into it!! Oh my goodness, the laughter in the room watching this boy eat cake! It was wonderful!

He just dug right in resulting in frosting and cake all over his face!

Look at those gorgeous eyes…

At one point he was holding the cake like a sandwich!

And he even shared with Papaw!

There was cake everywhere, all over his hands, on his belly, all over his face, in his hair, all over the high chair, in the floor but it was so worth every bit of mess!! He promptly was taken to the bathtub and bathed!

{And I snapped this shot of his sweet crossed little feet while he was nibbling cake!}

To be continued…

Paxton’s Birthday Party: Opening Presents

After lunch we opened presents! Paxton enjoyed opening but was quite focused on getting cameras, cell phones or video cameras!

We started off opening his biggest present…

A slide!!! We’re going to have so much fun this summer playing on the slide! {Daddy put it together after the birthday party and Paxton and his cousin Emerson enjoyed sliding! Emerson slid probably 50 times in a row!!}

New shoes!!

New clothes! He was quite excited at this moment!!

A new book! He received several books and we’re all going to enjoy reading them! He just simply loves books and I enjoy new stories to read to him!!

Having a wonderful time at his party surrounded by family who love him!

And of course, one of the things that excited him the most was hangers! Kids just love the simple things!!

To be continued…

Paxton’s Birthday Party: The Beginning

Paxton’s birthday started around 11:30 when the first guests started arriving! We were so blessed that all of his grandparents, two sets of great grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins were there to celebrate with us! As a parent, there is nothing like sharing such a special day with people who love your child. We are so blessed to have a wonderful family who love Paxton and us! Thank you all for traveling to share in this celebration!!

Paxton’s first guest to arrive was the other birthday boy, Papaw! Yes, Paxton and his Papaw share a birthday! Maybe that’s why he loves his Papaw so much! These two had a big ole time together all day long!

We had a cake with a “1” as well as cupcakes with “55”!!

Sweet Aunt Pam was next along with Mamaw and Papaw! Paxton enjoyed her hugs and kisses!!

With Mamaw and Papaw Boreing! He enjoyed their hugs and kisses too!!

Sitting on top of his biggest present! {With Aunt Pat’s help!} He looks so big and handsome!!

Enjoying his birthday lunch! We had Chick-fil-A nuggets, potato wedges, coleslaw and fresh fruit! Paxton loves Chick-fil-A nuggets!!

To be continued…

{I’m breaking the birthday posts up since we had so many pictures!}

First Birthday Pictures

On the 14th, it was a gorgeous day and I decided it was the day for Paxton’s birthday pictures! I dressed him in his precious birthday outfit and we went outside to snap pictures of my sweet little man! {I’m so glad I did because his birth day was cool and dreary and outside pictures wouldn’t have turned out good!}

Even though he didn’t stay still for more than 5 seconds and I didn’t get the one shot I wanted of him sitting on his bottom and looking at the camera (learning to let go of expectations!) but I managed to get some really wonderful shots of him!

Love, love, love this shot!!

He adores flowers! He is so amazed by nature!

Love this one too! I did put him on his back and he actually stayed on his back for a minute and I was able to get some cute snapshots of him!

Serious little boy! Look at those little lips!

Emerson’s Birthday

Last Thursday, June 17th, this precious little girl turned one! I really can’t believe she is already a year old…it still seems like she should be a teeny, tiny infant!

Little Miss Emerson is such a joy! She is full of smiles and love! She is definitely a social butterfly, I don’t think the girl has a shy bone in her body!! She is walking and has 2 teeth and is saying a few words! She is such a nurturing little girl, she loves her baby dolls and she will pat you on the back when you pick her up sometimes!!

Rebekah and Emerson at her party Saturday! Rebekah did an amazing job decorating, everything was lovely!

Opening presents with Mommy! She received several baby dolls and she loved every one of them!

She also received lots of books! Yay for books!!

And of course the cake was the highlight since she loves to eat!! She did this all on her own, messy little eater!!

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