Handmade Baby Gifts

We have received several handmade baby gifts for Paxton that are beautiful and special!

This baby blue crochet blanket is from Sharon…it’s beautiful!

Sharlene made us this baby blue and white crochet blanket! It’s gorgeous too!

Lori embroidered Paxton’s name on this blanket that her mother-in-law made! And the lace is homemade too!

Adorable bibs from Lori!

Burp cloths from Lori! I just love seeing Paxton’s name embroidered on his baby things!

Receiving these gifts have been special because these wonderful ladies took time to create something for our son! I plan to begin giving more handmade items as baby gifts because they are so special!

Church Baby Shower

March 21st we were given a baby shower at church. This shower was hosted by 12 wonderful ladies who work in the church office, pastor’s wives and ladies who are on the library committee (the library is one of my favorite places at church!) The shower was farm themed which was so cute!

The cake! Adorable and yummy!

They decorated the table with the Little People Farm that was on my registry! Not only was it cute, I was very excited about having the Little People Farm! (It’s now sitting on Paxton’s dresser as a nursery decoration until he is old enough to play with it and “farm” with his daddy!)

Since John David works at church and some of the ladies who hosted are his co-workers, he came to this shower and helped me open gifts!

Baby Wrangler’s for Paxton! They are definitely daddy approved!

Look at these tiny little pants! They are newborn pants, I just couldn’t get over the preciousness of the tiny pants! (And see all of those sleepers…Sharlene blessed us with these, we needed sleepers!)

One of our favorites…it says, “Daddy Loves Me!” So precious!

All of our gifts! We have been so blessed with gifts for our son! God has abundantly taken care of our needs!

Baby Shower in East Tennessee

On March 20th we had a baby shower in East Tennessee with John David’s family, friends and church family! My wonderful mother-in-law coordinated this shower with the help of John David’s Aunt Pam, his Nana, and family friends Sharon and Joyce (they’re really more like family than friends!)

These ladies hosted a beautiful spring themed baby shower and we were so blessed with gifts for Paxton!

These tulips were the centerpiece of the food table…they are beautiful! The shower began at 10 and was a brunch shower which was lovely! There was breakfast casserole, croissants, muffins, blueberry coffee cake, fruit, chocolate covered strawberries and jelly beans!!

Yummy! (Sharon took these amazing pictures too!)

I loved this little table! That is John David as a baby…he was absolutely precious, I sure hope Paxton gets his looks from his handsome daddy! The Peter Rabbit figurine was given to Annette when John David was born, the shoes belonged to John David, the rubber duckie is for our spring baby and Sharon made the adorable bottle decoration…filled with blue m&ms!!

Here I am enjoying my brunch! (Unfortunately we forgot to take pictures with me and the hostesses!)

Opening Paxton’s yellow bumbo from his grandmother! I’m excited about the bumbo! And my wonderful sister-in-law Jill wrote down the details of who gave me what gifts which was essential for writing thank-yous!

John David’s Mamaw and Papaw, Aunt Pam, Uncle Forrest and Aunt Sharon gave us a Radio Flyer wagon! We are thrilled about Paxton’s wagon and look forward to pulling him around in it!! (And there is the proud daddy off to the right!)

Aunt Pam gave us a few books and one of them was “Love You Forever.” Since I had never read it, Sharon read it out loud. I don’t think there was a dry eye after she was done!

All of our gifts we received! We really have been so blessed with the things we need for our sweet boy!

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