Swimming with My Boy



We haven’t taken many pictures in of us in our pool this summer, mainly because it’s not easy to juggle towels, a toddler and a camera (that we don’t want to get wet!) Before John David got in the pool Wednesday night, he snapped a few of me and Paxton since we have none together! {I took at lot of John David and Paxton the day Paxton went for his first swim of the summer!}


Love this shot of my sweet boy! He looks so big in his baby float! {He’s grown so much since his very first swim last summer in my parent’s pool!}


I always said that I’d never have a pool when I bought a house because they are a lot of work but this salt water pool isn’t too much work {thankfully John David does most of it too!} It is completely worth the work and money it takes to keep it up because it is so much fun to go swimming anytime you want to!
Giggling at daddy!!


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