Successful Surprise Party

We celebrated my dad’s 50th birthday this past Thursday! John David and I had just gotten into town and we had pizza, ice cream cake and gave him gifts!

He was a little disappointed (we could tell) that mom didn’t throw him a party since she gave him big 30th and 40th birthday parties! Little did he know the intricate plan my mom and sister devised for Friday!

My sister had school Friday morning so she went to school. Meanwhile, mom told dad we wanted to go to Germantown to go to Barnes and Noble, Penny’s and Babies R Us (where we found some amazing deals!) My dad asked if we were going to wait for Rebekah (isn’t he sweet) but mom told him she had a lot of studying to do! So we left for town!

Our mission for the afternoon was to keep dad from home until 6:45 and Rebekah spent the afternoon picking up the birthday cake, barbeque, coordinating parking and hiding cars!

The plan worked, he was surprised:

He walked in the door and turned on the light to family and friends and he was speechless for about a minute (which is very rare!!)

Love this expression!

The delicious birthday cake (chocolate with chocolate icing!!)

My daddy and 3 of his close friends from his childhood! All 3 were in his wedding!! I think it’s amazing that they’ve stayed friends all of these years!

He had a fun time opening gifts!! He was very excited to open his surprise gift from mom, a GPS for his boat!! He’s been wanting this for 2 years and he finally has it!!

We had a wonderful evening and my daddy was surprised and had a fun time with his good friends!!

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