We had two big storms come through this Friday, the first was early Friday morning around 3:30. The wind was so loud that it woke me up & I am a deep sleeper! Since I am from West Tennessee and am used to big storms and possible tornados I checked the weather and saw that it was a “Severe Thunderstorm,” if it had said “Tornado Watch” or “Tornado Warning” I would have drug my sleeping hubby out of bed & to the basement! It really was a very severe thunderstorm, several of our neighbors had trees knocked down, one neighbor had about 6 Bradford Pears snapped, one house had siding missing, and another had a large part of their shingles off! We were so blessed to have no damage whatsoever to¬†our property and we are so thankful for our brick home with a safe basement!

The second storm came through around noon and was pretty bad, although the wind wasn’t anything like the earlier storm. It hailed twice during this storm.

The hail on our back porch

The hail was marble sized!

We are so thankful for our safety through these storms. The second storm tore through Murfreesboro, killing a mother and her baby and destroying several homes, please keep the families effected in your prayers!

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