Storm Damage

We had a huge storm with straight line winds blow through here about 4:45 on Saturday afternoon. It was downright scary for about 30 seconds with the wind and I spent about 15 minutes post storm lying on our bed trying to get my heart rate down! It’s moments like these that I wish we had a basement!!

We lost power but thankfully it came back after only 12 hours. Two days later there are still people without power in our area, we are so thankful!

We did have damage, we had trees and limbs fall down and there are sticks everywhere but our house had no major damage except for losing a single piece of siding and a ridge vent.

This is the tree that was over our pool. It was a large tree with multiple large limbs that fell everywhere.

We had tree limbs in our pool and all over the back of the deck. Thankfully our pool was not damaged!

One of the large limbs knocked out a whole section of deck and busted our pool pole.

That’s me standing on our porch post storm looking around in disbelief at all the limbs, sticks and pine cones in the yard.

We lost a large tree top to a pine tree in our front yard.

Since these pictures were taken just 2 days ago, John David has been hard at work! Yesterday he sawed the limbs out of the pool so we could begin cleaning the pool and today he borrowed a chain saw and has been sawing in the backyard for the last little bit.

My plan is to wake up early (before it gets too hot!) and pick up the sticks in the yard…I figure that is the least I can do since I can’t ‘man’ a chain saw!!

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  1. Meg says:

    I'm so glad everyone is OK! We have lots of trees around our house too. There was one ice storm that we could hear the branches cracking with the wind. Needless to say, we moved our bed into the living room (away from the area of the house the tree branches were over) and had the trees closest to the house taken down a few weeks later. Thank goodness for handy hubbies!

    • Rachel says:

      Scary! I don't think any of our trees could reach our home but if they could, you better believe we'd have them taken down, I've heard of several people dying when trees feel in their homes! We're thankful we're okay too and now just slowly cleaning up!

  2. Patricia says:


    Thank God you were all OK and the new house weathered the storm in one piece. A piece of siding, a pool pole (whatever that is) and downed branches and limbs can be easily handled, injury or loss of home cannot. God smiled down on his little family… and CONGRATS on the new baby – I can’t remember how many bedrooms are in the new house, but hopefully enough for a “little sister’s” room if necessary – can’t wait for your next ultrasound (as I’m sure the grandparents are excited)…

    A grandma in NY State

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness. So scary. Glad everyone is okay and there there wasn't any major damage.

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