Spring Break

We have had a relaxing Spring Break thus far! Yes, we have slept in but we haven’t slept past 9:30 at all (which is a feat for us!!)

My birthday was Tuesday and we had a lovely day! We made my birthday cake together the night before and I was really excited about my cake so we had birthday cake for breakfast!!

My homemade birthday cake! Strawberry cake with cream cheese icing!! Yummy!!

Wednesday I called “Spring Cleaning” day! Since the big moving day is getting closer I wanted to have a pre-moving cleaning day! We had a very successful day cleaning out closets and drawers and I realized that we really do not own a lot of things that we do not need! It was really encouraging to see that we do not have a lot of useless clutter and that we are really living simply!!

Thursday was a relaxing yet productive day! We went to pick up a few items at the store and only bought what was on our list! (This is really exciting too!) We are trying to stay organized by not bringing in new things into our house that we can live without and to live a simple, non materialistic life!

John David had an evening job filming for a man who goes to church with us. While he was filming, I did laundry (a week and a half worth at the laundromat!) After getting home from doing laundry I ironed John David’s shirts and starched his jeans!

I also got some good news while I was doing my ironing, my cousin Katie called me and told me she was named Star Greenhand for West Tennessee!! (Star Greenhand is for Freshman FFA members, it is based on their Supervised Agriculture Experience Program as well as their involvement in FFA) I am so excited for her! She now will advance to state for the opportunity to be named Tennessee Star Greenhand!! I am so glad that Rebekah and I were able to be involved in the FFA and that Joseph, and Katelyn have become involved too! FFA really has had an impact on our lives!!

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