Spending Time with Daddy

We are probably one of the few families that love Mondays! Monday is John David’s day off and our family day! Today was a wonderful family day! We slept late and then just laid in bed and snuggled with our sweet boy (a wonderful way to start the day!)

At some point I grabbed the camera and had an impromptu photo shoot of Paxton using pillows to prop him and as backgrounds and the pictures turned out fabulous! (He’s wearing a BumGenius One-Size diaper!)

Oh sweet, sweet baby feet!

Look at that grin!! Oh so sweet!

He looks like a big boy here (and playful!)

Precious, precious boy!

After we finally got out of bed, we changed Paxton’s diaper and I started a load of diapers! Then we just enjoyed spending the day together! John David held Paxton a lot, we sat on the front porch, read to Paxton in the nursery…


Two handsome men!

Sound asleep…we were waking him to be fed at 9:45, he was not ready to wake up!

Isn’t he precious in this romper that was his daddy’s? (I adore rompers…they make having a boy so much fun!)

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  1. kelly says:

    Those pics are priceless!!! It's so fun photographing a newborn!

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