I was thrilled to wake up to snow on Christmas morning! I’ve been hoping for snow all month because I wanted Paxton to experience snow! Seeing the snow on the ground was a wonderful Christmas gift for me!

We bundled our little guy up in his snowsuit and headed out!

Of course we brought the camera! {See his two little teeth?}

Love this sweet little boy!

We sat him down in the snow and he didn’t like it at all!

Daddy trying to console him so we could have an adorable picture…didn’t work!

Then daddy picked him up and we headed inside!

I scratched his name in the snow on our way inside. I believe we were outside a grand total of 4 minutes! And we went back out the next day but it was exactly the same! Our little man is not a fan of snow…at least for now!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Yea Dustyn wasn't at that age either. Now he loves it. Carsyn didn't mind it when I carried him in the boba. I didn't think to do their names. Cute photos of you and Paxton. You are so pretty!

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