Snow Day

The weatherman predicted snow and he was right this time (unlike 3 weeks ago when we got a very light dusting!) It was supposed to arrive during the night but it started snowing here at 10 a.m. and snowed about 4 hours straight and then off and on all afternoon, with a little icy rain mixed in!

John David stuck a ruler in the snow around 3:00 and it was almost to 5 inches….this evening it was up almost up to 6, which makes this officially the most snow I’ve ever seen!!

Our beautiful home!!

We went out and played about 45 minutes this afternoon! We suited up in coveralls, hunting jackets and muck boots! Of course I didn’t get to play too much, I did make a few snowballs and threw them at John David and Mac! John David sledded with the neighbors! Since I am 6 months pregnant I didn’t, but I really wanted too!

John David and Mac! Mac just loves the snow!

Love this picture of Mac! When we came inside I had to give him a bath to melt the snowballs off of his hair!

Me showing off my belly…I don’t even look pregnant due to all of the layers!!

Then we decided to take a picture of us in the snow together…this is take one!

And take two! A little better!

We came in and John David helped me through the wet garage and basement (I would have more than likely fallen because my boots were icy and the floor was wet!) Once we took our wet jackets and coveralls off, I bathed Mac and then we had some hot cocoa! There’s nothing quite like hot cocoa on a snowy day!!

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