Sniffles and Playing

Our morning started off earlier than most when Paxton woke up around 7:30 coughing and crying. I carried him to our bed to nurse him but noticed his nose was all snotty. We washed his nose off and took his temperature. Thankfully he didn’t have a fever but I felt horrible as a mama knowing that my baby didn’t feel good. I nursed him back to sleep and he slept until 10:30.

He’s had a runny nose all day and was a little fussy but still played like always! And I’ve checked his temperature several times and he’s fever free! I’m just hoping that he gets better soon!

We played with his blue bouncy ball for the first time today! He loved it! He of course tried to eat it! He also hit it, he rolled it and giggled at it when I was bouncing it!! Fun!

Playing with daddy this evening!

He’s rolling all over the place and loves playing!

Checking out the bouncy ball!

We watched him roll all over his room…he’s starting to try to pull up on his knees and making some crawling motions!

Check out the chunky monkey! Love this funny expression!!

After playing with Paxton, John David made us Frozen Hot Chocolate! Yum! (He makes yummy treats!!)

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  1. Sarah says:

    So cute! Carsyn has had a cold/cough for 5 weeks. It will not go away. No fever and the doctor said there isn't anything they can do. I am feel so bad for him. It will seem like it is getting better, then it will come back.

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