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Our son has found his thumb…this is how I found him this morning! The past 3 days he’s been sucking his thumb…it is very cute but we are trying our best to discourage it! Any recommendations other than taking his thumb out of his mouth and offering him his paci?

We had a good day today! I did a little bit of work and had fun with my 2-month-old! I can’t believe we’ve had him 2 months already! He is becoming so much fun, I love talking to him, especially when he talks back!!

Isn’t he handsome in his plaid shorts and shoes? He went to the nursery again tonight (he went for the first time on Sunday!) He did fabulous (or so I was told)! (We decided that putting him in the nursery early was the best thing, we really don’t want him to have separation anxiety and he really needs to be away from me some since I am with him all day at home!)

We snapped a few 2 month pictures this evening!

Two handsome men!! (Both with heads full of hair!!)

My Little Love!! (John David is Love and Paxton is Little Love!

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  1. Deb Koch says:

    If I had to do it over again, I would encourage the thumb and not the pacifier. He can always find his thumb in the middle of the night, but getting a pacifier back requires someone to wake up and find it and put it back in his mouth. If you have a child used to a pacifier, and you loose the only one you have with you, you may find youself on a frantic search for a replacement. If they need the comfort of extra sucking, the thumb is definitely the way to go!

    Example: my nephew was at the zoo, and got too close to the monkey cage within reach of a small monkey, who reached through the bars and swiped it. Poor Patrick was inconsolable, and my sister had to leave the zoo and drive to the nearest store to get another one.

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