Sleeping Little One

Paxton looks so sweet when he’s asleep in his car seat! We love peeping at him sleep in the car thanks to our back seat mirror!

Look at those sweet cheeks and lips!

{And I started to take him out before I decided to snap these pictures!}

These pictures reminded me of this picture that I took of him when he was 7 days old:

It’s hard to believe that babies change so much in 11 months! Paxton at 7 days doesn’t even look like my Paxton now! The little lips do look similar!

And I know in 11 more months I’ll look at these recent pictures and hardly remember when I had one so small! I’m trying so hard to just live in the present and savor each moment I have with this precious little man that God has blessed us with.

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  1. Sarah says:

    Sweet baby boy! They do grow up too quickly!

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