Six Months

Saturday Paxton was 6 months old! It’s hard to believe our baby is half a year old! We’re loving every minute of parenting this precious little boy!

This month’s milestones:

  • Mobility! About 3 weeks ago he started rolling and moving! If we leave him more than 2 minutes it’s always fun to see where he winds up!
  • Sitting! Last week he went from being a “supported sitter” to a sitter! He can sit up by himself more than 30 minutes!
  • He’s quite the little talker! He is jabbering all the time now! Two of the sounds he makes sound a lot like “hi” and “da da”! So exciting!!
  • He loves his toys! Anything we hand him to play with  he just loves! Of course he expresses that love by chewing on it!

  • He’s drooling all the time and chewing on anything he can get into his mouth! There are no teeth though (and I’m happy about that!)
  • He’s starting to want his mama! He’ll smile at me when other people are holding him and a few times he’s cried when John David holds him unless he sees me (although it’s typically when he is hungry). It’s really sweet but we’re hoping he doesn’t have too much separation anxiety.
  • Wearing his Bum Genius diapers on the medium setting and into 3s in disposables.

  • Wearing 6-9 month clothes mostly now! He’s not grown much over the past few months so he’s getting a lot of wear out of 6 month items!
  • He’s still a thumb sucker! He typically only sucks his thumb when he’s sleepy.
  • Nursed exclusively until 6 months!! He had his first cereal Saturday!

  • He’s not grown  much in length the past few months but he’s been putting weight on! He’s got quite a few cute baby rolls!
  • His hair keeps growing and growing and getting fluffier!
  • Sleeping all night still! He has been waking up a little bit earlier lately but we’re not complaining!

  • Loves technology!! If it has buttons or lights up or powers on, he wants it! We’re going to have to baby proof our electronics very soon!
  • Really likes bath time! He splashes like crazy!
  • Tries to roll of the changing table when being changed! This makes diaper changes and getting dressed a challenge for his mama!

  • Has brown eyes. We’ve been unsure of the color thinking they were blue or green or bluish green but we’re  pretty certain they’re brown!
  • Enjoys being read to!
  • Loves playing with his Little People farm! The boy loves agriculture it seems!

  • He’s pushing up and starting to make crawling motions! We’re working on seriously baby proofing around our home! In fact, his book shelf only holds his board books since he’s already pulling things off the shelves!

As exciting as the mobility and his budding personality are they are definitely making parenting a little more difficult! Keeping up with our little mover is somewhat tiring! He’s constantly into stuff and I have to watch him constantly! He’s also loud! The boy has very healthy lungs! Sunday I was feeling bad and put ear plugs in so I could take a nap because Paxton was jabbering and shrieking so loudly! The joys of parenting! Of course it’s completely worth it and I wouldn’t trade my life for anything!!

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