Saturday Evening

We spent Saturday morning yard sale-ing and we just relaxed Saturday evening with swimming, snacks and playing!

Paxton enjoyed his very first whole cracker! I typically break it up for him but lately he’s been biting things so I gave him a chance with the crackers and he did fabulous!

I gave him 3 crackers and he held all 3 of them and nibbled on them! It was too funny!

Such a big boy!!

After swimming Paxton had a bath and then I put him in his pajamas and we played in his room! Oh the fun we had! Lately he’s been getting my purses out of my closet and playing with them! He puts them on his shoulders…imitating mama! It’s quite cute to see him dragging them along!

Having a blast with the purses!

We snapped a few shots of us together! I’m thrilled Paxton was looking at the camera!

Love this sweet Paxton smile!


Loving on his stuffed lion!

Look at that sweet little face!

Love this shot for some reason…it’s just a glimpse of reality…stuff everywhere and Paxton walking around!!

And he’s now attempting to climb on his rocking horse all by himself…he’s not been successful yet but I’m sure the day is quickly coming!!

I love spending time with this little fella!!

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