Road Trip with the Dog

We visited John David’s parents this weekend and brought the dog along so during the 5 1/2 hour trip there were plenty of funny Mac pictures to take! We kept him in the back seat area of John David’s truck, we don’t allow him up front because he wants to be in the driver’s lap the whole time and that could prove dangerous! He slept some, climbed up on the luggage to peek out the window, and poked his head up on the arm rest some!
Sitting on his little bed in the back seat!
Trying to get as close to us as possible!

Then he realized that by standing on the luggage in the back seat he could not only look out the side window but he could also visit with John David:

Standing on a crate of books!

Needless to say traveling with the dog can be quite entertaining. He whines a little especially when we first get in the car. Every time we hit a pretty big bump his head pops up, even if he is sleeping, so that can be entertaining to watch!!

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