Resurrection Sunday

Our Easter Sunday began bright and early at 5:30! Waking up this early was quite the feat for us (we went to bed at 10 Saturday night to help!) I dropped John David off at church at 6:00 and then parked in our overflow lot and rode the shuttle back to church! I taught Sunday School (Older Three’s) at 8 and 9:30 and then went to worship at 11. John David worked all three of the services and had no major technical issues which is a blessing! Our service was a combination of choir singing, drama, and a message. It was a wonderful service.

After service we came home to an amazing meal cooked by Jill and her friend Kristina who were visiting for the weekend. They made us Lemon Pepper Chicken with Rice, Oven Baked Diced Potatoes, and Salad! It was a very yummy meal and I felt so spoiled since I didn’t have to prepare lunch!

Jill and Kristina left around 2:30 and John David and I had a realxing afternoon, he read MacWorld and I read a book! Around 8:00 my parents arrived. My mom is on her Spring Break this week and they are visiting and mom is teaching me how to read a pattern! Hopefully soon I will post pictures of the dress we are going to make!!

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