Relaxing Weekend

This weekend was a relaxing weekend! Friday afternoon John David parents and sister came to visit and spent the night with us. We had a lovely Saturday morning breakfast at Cracker Barrel with them and they left around 1. We relaxed that afternoon and at 6:00 we went to church to watch a play which we really enjoyed.

Sunday morning we went to church. Again I had five 3-year-olds in my class! Five is a very manageable number! I had a good morning with the kids, none of them cried and they all listened to the lesson!! Sunday afternoon we went to the Burns’ for lunch. When we got home John David took a nap and I prepared a dish for our Small Group Picnic which was at 5!

Since we were busy (much busier than we are most weekends!) this weekend we decided to take it easy Monday! We slept in really late (I am not telling how late!) and just enjoyed being together.

Now it is Tuesday morning and I am doing laundry, cleaning bathrooms, and all of those things I neglected over the weekend!

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