Playing with Brother

Last Friday while I was working on dinner, I had Weston in his bouncer in the kitchen and Paxton was just playing. Paxton soon moved his coloring table and chair over to where Weston was! I suppose he wanted Weston to help him color!

Brothers “playing together” for the first time! This warmed my heart so much, Paxton is such a big brother and I know he is going to love playing with Weston when he gets a little older and starts interacting!

Our sweet Paxton! This little guy just brings so much joy to us and right now he’s at a stage where he’s learning so much and we’re having a blast as his parents!

Sweet little Weston! Well, he’s quickly trying to outgrow the ‘little’ part! He’s beginning to interact a teeny bit with us and has been cooing lately, so precious!!

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