Playing Outside with Paxton


Wednesday morning Paxton was begging me to go outside! {Which involves going to the door and grabbing the handle and a little whining!} He’s turned into such a little boy the past few weeks and loves to go outside!

Here he is standing in the carport trying to decide which direction to beging exploring!


He went off to the left and explored the fence, rocks and our neighbors trees!


He found the flowers in our front yard and smelled them! He loves to smell flowers! It’s so sweet! 


He found the watering can on the front porch and pretended to water some plants!


He loves the watering can. He often brings it to the spigot in the front of the house…somehow he knows that’s where the water comes out and you’re supposed to put water in the watering can!


After he tired of the front yard we headed towards the garage. He ran ahead of me and started trying to open the garage door.


He knows this is how we open the door so he’s trying to lift from the bottom. {It’s amazing how much he knows!}

I finally opened the garage door for him and he excitedly entered. {The garage is like a playground to him, he loves exploring in there!!}


Playing with some of daddy’s tools.


He loves the lawnmower! He’s asking me to give him the handles!


I gave them to him and he was all smiles! He loves “driving”!!Sweet little boy!

It’s so much fun to let him explore his surroundings and just follow him watching him learn {and make sure he doesn’t do anything to harm himself!}


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