Playing in the Wagon

We love our wagon! We use it everyday (that it’s not raining!) We take it to the mailbox, we take it to the garage ( loaded up with stuff and Paxton), we take it to the garden and we use it for fun rides!

This afternoon we went gardening with the wagon. You can see our little daredevil. He’s learning what ‘sit on your bottom’ means!

Last week we picked dandelions and daffodils and Paxton now loves flowers! He has a big time with dandelions!

When I blow on the dandelion, he just cackles!

He knows you are supposed to smell flowers!

Oh what fun we have outside with the  good ole wagon!

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  1. Molly says:

    I, too, loved my wagon as a little kid. Apparently snuggled in it was the only way people could get me to sleep – guess I felt safe in there.

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