Playing in the Sand

I took a ton of pictures last week when we went to the beach to dip toes in the water and play in the sand!

Paxton didn’t like the water but he loved the sand!!

Big smiles for mama!

Checking out the sand between his fingers.

I adore this picture! Our child is so expressive!

What a sweet, sweet smiles!!

And here he is contemplating what sand tastes like!

I snapped this picture and then quickly grabbed his hand so no sand went in his mouth!!

3 Responses to “Playing in the Sand”

  1. Sarah says:

    You were in Hampton, VA??? Oh my gosh that is only like an hour from me. If you come back you have to let me know. I just caught up with all your posts, looks like a great time.

  2. KatelynG says:

    SO CUTE! Paxton sure has grown!
    He's so cute! "You're look'n good yourself"……….haha

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