Playing Dress Up

Lately Paxton has been playing dress up with our clothes and shoes! The result is hilarious! He adores his daddy’s boots! We occasionally put them on him and he just loves it, it’s pretty funny, especially when he tries to walk!

Our cute little cowboy!

Another thing he loves is trying on my clothes, my bathing suit top was in the floor and he kept trying to put it on, so I finally put it on right and it was hilarious!

Playing with daddy’s boots while wearing mama’s bathing suit!! Ha ha!!

Cutest pictures ever…I’m sure he’ll really appreciate this shot in 15 years!

One handsome little cowboy!!

3 Responses to “Playing Dress Up”

  1. Miriam says:

    Thats just so funny! The boots look huge on him. This reminds me of when we put a pink hat onto my toddler cousin and took a picture of it. He is now in his teens and absolutely despises that picture.

  2. Sarah says:

    He he. Too cute!!

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