Playing and Feeding Himself



Last Thursday started out with a milestone! As John David was getting ready for work, Paxton said, “bye da!” That was his very first sentence!! We were both very proud of this!

Paxton and I had a nice day, I had gotten most of my housework done earlier in the week so we just spent most of the day playing and reading which is a lovely way to spend a hot summer day! We even went swimming that afternoon!




We played so much in his room that he emptied out his toy tub and the tub then became a toy! I have a feeling this will happen more often!


Playing in the tub! Was it a ship or a car? I don’t know but he’s making “vehicle” noises!


It’s so much fun just watching him play!

We had chili for dinner Thursday night! {I know, it’s 100 degrees outside but chili is so easy to make and it’s yummy! When you add in sour cream it ¬†makes it suitable to eat on a hot day!}

I let Paxton feed himself dinner! He did a great job using his fork and later his hands but he didn’t have food everywhere just all over his face and hands!


Messy faced little boy! 


After polishing off his chili, he ate a whole banana! This boy can eat!


Yummy banana!!Look at the little chipmunk! He tends to take bites that are way to big!!

After dinner, Paxton had a nice bath to wash the chili and banana off of him!


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