Paxton’s Pumpkin Art


Last week while looking for a carving pumpkin, we decided to get Paxton a pumpkin to color on! Since he loves to color, we figured this would be so much fun for him. We stripped him down to his diaper, put him in the high chair and he was patiently waiting his pumpkin and colors!


His very own pumpkin to color {or cu-cu as he says!!}


He’s just a bit excited…about the colors!


Here he goes!

{So, we didn’t have any finger paint and figured markers would work pretty well. Unfortunately, we were wrong! The markers did color on the pumpkin but it didn’t really stay so it was a wet, smeary mess. But, the important thing is our little guy had a ton of fun! And we’re totally buying finger paints for next year!}


Paxton hasn’t had much experience with markers, he tried to taste the red one…looks like he’s wearing lipstick!


He really did a good job coloring the pumpkin!


And checking out the markers…and writing on himself!


Look at those messy hands!


How he managed this, not quite sure!


Sweet chubby toddler hands coloring!The finished product! Looks pretty good considering it was done by an 18 month old and the colors were smearing!

As soon as we finished, Paxton was given a bath where 95% of the marker came off {there was a little on his hands for a day or so} and the pumpkin was promptly washed of all the marker-y mess!

Even though it was messy, it was still a blast for him to color with markers on the pumpkin and we sure enjoyed watching him! Next year, though, finger paints!!


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