Paxton’s Grandparents

After delivery we were moved to a post partum room and once we were there, our parents joined us! (While we were still in the labor and delivery room, they were able to watch Paxton get his first bath in the nursery!) Once they joined us in our room we had to wait about 30 minutes before Paxton came back to us.

Then Paxton was able to meet his grandparents!

The Boreings Paxton is their very first grandchild! He’s also the first Boreing great grandchild and first Boreing baby boy born since 1986 (when John David was born)! Paxton is the Cobble’s (Annette’s parents) first great grandson and he is also the first baby boy born into the Cobble family since his daddy was born.

Grandpa Boreing

Grandmother Boreing

The Clarks Paxton is their first grandson and second grandchild. He is the first great grandson for both the Clark’s and Pittman’s (Denise’s parents). Paxton is also the first baby boy born into the Clark family since 1982.

Nannie Clark

Grandaddy Clark

We are also thrilled that Paxton and Grandpa Boreing share the same birthday! We think it is so special that they can share this day!!

Here are the birthday boys!! And Grandmother Boreing crocheted this adorable camo hat since Paxton’s daddy, grandpa and grandaddy all love to hunt…they are all excited about hunting with the little guy!

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