Paxton’s First Wedding

Paxton attended his very first wedding this past weekend! He dressed for the occasion and had a great time (remember, he loves attention and he had plenty of attention!!)

I made his little tie! It was so easy to make and he was absolutely adorable in it!!

We attempted to sit in the back of the church but he was already fussing and talking a lot before it even began so we snuck up to the balcony where he could nurse and I could watch the wedding and quickly escape if he got fussy without interrupting too much! Thankfully he did amazing, he got a little fussy at one point but wasn’t loud and I was able to calm him down within a minute!

The reception was the most fun for Paxton! He was held, talked to and played with the entire time and he did great!

I snapped this picture of him at the reception! Isn’t he so handsome? (He also looks about 7 years old!)

He enjoyed being held by Aunt Loretta.

Since Paxton is a single man, he joined in trying to catch the garter…with Uncle Jeff’s help!

And he caught it!

Our little family! (Paxton is looking more and more like me!)

Towards the end of the night he was getting tired, that’s why his Daddy was able to hold him a few minutes like a little tiny baby!

With my handsome little man!

He enjoyed spending time with his Grandpa!

And his Papaw!

And his grandmother!

As well as Nana, great aunts, cousins, his 3-year-old cousin Madison, great-great aunts and uncles! He was probably held by 20 people and talked to at least 30! That is why within 2 minutes of getting in he car seat, he was out!

The wedding was beautiful and the company was wonderful!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Oh my gosh he is sooo adorable!! I love his little tie. I can't believe you made it. Too cute!

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