Paxton’s First Haircut

Last Monday Paxton had his very first “real” haircut! (I’ve been trimming up his bangs for weeks now and had trimmed his “mullet” off a few weeks ago.) I was sad to see his beautiful long hair go but I figured if I hated it short, I could always let it grow back out! Plus, with this summer heat, he needed a “cooler” hair cut!

Here’s the back before! Look at that beautiful hair!

And the side, his ears really needed trimming up!

With Ashley, our friend and stylist! She did such a great job! And Paxton did really good too…he was pretty still and I was honestly quite impressed at how well he did since he is only 1!

Look at my big boy! {He had been crying big time…thus the sad eyes and drool!}

One handsome little man!

What a difference!

He looks like such a little boy now!

And no, I didn’t cry at all and I wasn’t sad about his first hair cut! And, I didn’t keep a lock of hair! {I know…I’m a horrible mother! But honestly, that’d be just one more sentimental thing to deal with!}

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  1. Meg says:

    He looks so different with his hair cut! But still a cutie!

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