Paxton’s First 4th

We had a lovely 4th of July! We started off the day at church with Paxton’s Dedication! Both sets of our parents came for the dedication and spent the day with us!

We all went to our annual church picnic for dinner! We had barbecue and there was homemade ice-cream Рyum! The best part of the picnic is the fellowship and spending time with family! Paxton got lots of love on his first 4th!

Taking a nap on the picnic quilt – so precious!

With my patriotic little baby! (His sweet little outfit was from his Nana! He also has 2 more sweet little patriotic rompers from his Grandmother!)

Sweet boy!

I was a little concerned about his reaction to the fireworks but he was eating when they started and they didn’t phase him at all! He finished eating about half way through and watched the rest of the fireworks!

After the picnic, we came home and I bathed Paxton while his Nannie, Grandmother and Grandpa watched! Then he enjoyed grandparent snuggles before I put him to bed in his crib! He’s been sleeping all night for 3-4 weeks now, but I’ve been concerned I won’t be able to hear him at night if he wakes up so he’s been in our room – I finally braved it! He slept all night (although I woke up at 4:30 and had to go check on him!)

It was a momentous day -baby dedication, first 4th of July and sleeping in his crib!

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  1. Molly says:

    His face when you're holding him is so cute!

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