Paxton’s Birthday Party: Opening Presents

After lunch we opened presents! Paxton enjoyed opening but was quite focused on getting cameras, cell phones or video cameras!

We started off opening his biggest present…

A slide!!! We’re going to have so much fun this summer playing on the slide! {Daddy put it together after the birthday party and Paxton and his cousin Emerson enjoyed sliding! Emerson slid probably 50 times in a row!!}

New shoes!!

New clothes! He was quite excited at this moment!!

A new book! He received several books and we’re all going to enjoy reading them! He just simply loves books and I enjoy new stories to read to him!!

Having a wonderful time at his party surrounded by family who love him!

And of course, one of the things that excited him the most was hangers! Kids just love the simple things!!

To be continued…

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