Paxton the Little Farmer

Paxton recently rediscovered his farm and he’s been farming all the time! He played with it a solid 30 minutes the day he rediscovered it and has been playing with it daily since. {I’m going to be more serious about toy rotation…it works!}

All the plates and cups were used to feed his animals! He knows how to take care of his livestock!

Hard at play!

One day Weston was sleeping so I moved the barn out into the hall to encourage him to play outside of his room…he just sat down and played there for a long time!

Silly boy!

Last Saturday, John David was outside putting in a raised bed along our sidewalk. It had rained the night before so the area the bed was going into was full of mud.

John David, being a man, spit. Well, Paxton loves to imitate daddy, so he leaned over the edging of the raise bed to spit like daddy and fell, right into the mud! He wasn’t hurt at all, just covered in mud. As soon as he stood up he said, “I’m a mess!” John David and I had a good laugh!

Our muddy, muddy boy!

He’s asking daddy to clean his hands off! As soon as I put down the camera, I washed off his hands with the waterhose and he continued playing hard!


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