Paxton occasionally “growls”! It’s quite¬†humorous and proof that he is 100% ¬†boy!! Several weeks ago he was growling all the time and we started calling him Paxasaurus when he did!

Dino pajamas are perfect bedtime attire for a Paxasaurus! {He had just woken up when I snapped this picture, thus the sleepy eyes!}

One happy and adorable Paxasaurus!

Crawling after his mama!

Checking out daddy!!

Clapping along with daddy! He claps quite frequently these days…he claps when we say ‘yay’ as well as when he wants ‘more.’ His interpretation of the ‘more’ sign is clapping!

We’re working on teaching him a few signs these days in order to make communication simpler! We’ve pretty much got ‘more’ and ‘milk’ down! We’re working on ‘water’ now!

One stinkin’ cute baby/big boy!

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  1. Sarah says:

    He is so precious! Love the pajamas!

  2. […] “growls” which has earned him the nickname Paxasaurus! It’s so […]

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