Our Weekend

We had a lovely weekend, my parents came up for a visit on Friday and brought my niece with them. We haven’t seen any of them since the end of July when they were up for a visit last. The baby was 1 month old then….now she is 3 1/2 months! Quite a bit of change but she’s still a little baby and she’s absolutely precious (I suppose we are a wee bit partial too!)

Friday night I cooked potato soup and we enjoyed just catching up and playing with the baby! Saturday we slept in until 9:00 and then got up and had a leisurely morning before heading to a local Texas style barbecue joint. It is a butcher shop/bbq restaurant and it’s delicious! We went last summer with John David’s parents and had been wanting to take my parents there too. John David and I both had Brisket Sandwiches (the brisket is so tender and delcious), mom and dad shared a Chopped Brisket Sandwich, Grilled Sausage & a BBQ rib! Everything was yummy!!

After we left there we went to a local Amish community and went to some antique/nick-nack stores, an Amish bakery/bulk food store and an Amish furniture store (I wish I had lots of money so I could buy some beautiful furniture!) Then we hit the local Goodwill and swung by Wal-Mart on the way home to pick up stuff for dinner!

This morning when we got home from church mom and dad were packed up and ready to go. Dad did make us a delicious vegetable soup (it was meatless and John David even liked it!) After lunch they hit the road and left Emerson with us! We’re keeping her this week…Rebekah will be here Thursday. We need some parenting practice and this will give Rebekah a few days to get caught up/ahead with school work this week!

Here are shots from today:

Emerson is feeding herself! (She will hold the bottle by herself for a few minutes…so cute!)

Mac doesn’t know what to think about the new person in the house…he just sat at my feet and snoozed while I fed her!

Here is the sweet girl with her loving Uncle! (Yes he is on his phone but he has been doting over her all afternoon/evening…he’s been the primary caregiver today!) I’m amazed at his skill with a baby…Emerson is the first baby he has ever really held, changed or fed and he is wonderful with her! He is going to be such an amazing daddy that isn’t afraid of dirty diapers and who will spend time with his kids!!

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