Our Weekend

This weekend we went to my parents home to celebrate my graduation! We arrived Friday night and had a wonderful steak and baked potato dinner made by my parents! Mom even made sautéed mushrooms for our potatoes! My sister was there and we got to visit with her for an hour or two before she left to go back to school, she has a job at Sears that she started last Monday and had to work Saturday! I was glad we were able to see her if only for a little while! After Bekah left we watched the Olympics and watched Michael Phelps win another race, the most exciting one yet!

Rebekah and Me

Saturday morning we slept in until 9 and got up and ate breakfast. We visited with my grandparents and saw my grandpa’s new bull! His new Angus bull is the son of the heifer I showed in 2004 when I showed for the Turners! I made a lot of memories that summer and even was Reserve Grand Champion at the Dyer County Fair with her! We saw the bull and all the cows! I miss living on the farm so much! Hopefully one day soon we can have a farm and our own cows and chickens!!

Saturday evening we had dinner with family and friends! Dad barbecued pork (which came from the farm) and we had fried chicken, baked beans, rolls, and good desserts! We had a lovely dinner and time with our company! After everyone left we watched the Olympics again, mainly to watch Michael Phelps race and that was exciting! I took a trip down memory lane and looked at Mom’s scrapbooks and some pictures from my childhood!

We came home today and here I am ready to go to bed because it has been a big weekend (and a 3 hour drive is tiring!)

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