Our Weekend

We had a great weekend and were able to get quite a bit accomplished (mainly decluttering around our home…we really don’t know where all the stuff comes from)! Saturday we enjoyed a leisurely day at home as a family and then went to church to film video announcements that evening! I just love days that we spend together!!

Paxton and I on Saturday, I was flipping through baby magazines and tearing out articles that I thought were useful before putting them in the recycle bin!

Sunday at church, Paxton slept through small group and then again through the worship service while Sharlene held him (holding him 3 hours straight is a little much for me since he weighs about 12 pounds!) I enjoyed being able to sit through an entire service!

Here he is in another one of his outfits that was his daddy’s! I’m planning for this to be his baby dedication outfit (we  are planning that for July), I just hope he can still wear it then!

Sunday after church John David cooked a delicious lunch of homemade chicken nuggets and french fries, we also had a side salad…we are making attempts at eating much healthier!! I also did a little more decluttering and organizing Sunday afternoon!

Monday morning after Paxton woke up at 7:30 to eat, instead of crawling back in bed with John David and sleeping a little longer (which I REALLY wanted to do), I decided to be productive!! I did an hour of transcribing, unloaded the dishwasher and did my ironing (an hours worth) all before John David and Paxton woke up!!

John David got dressed first Monday morning and once I saw his red plaid shirt and khaki shorts I knew exactly what Paxton had to wear, his red plaid shirt and khaki shorts! I brought Paxton in our room to John David and since he was using his iPad, I got the iPod touch for Paxton and had to take a picture of my men!! (And John David’s shorts are strangely bunched…he pointed that out, so overlook his legs!!)

We spent most of Monday getting some little projects knocked out! John David loaded up the trash and recycling and straightened the garage, it now looks fabulous! John David barbequed wings for lunch…yummy!! I did an overhaul of my e-mail…it’s now neatly organized and we started decluttering our studio/office/guest room! We had a lovely weekend together!!

Here are some more Paxton pictures…I just had to share!!

He looks so big with his little leg propped up!!

His mischievous look…hopefully I won’t see this look too often in the years to come!!

4 Responses to “Our Weekend”

  1. iamthemightyb says:

    I SO love the pictures of John David and Paxton with thier iPads/iPod! And he's a little boy – so you WILL see that mischevious face quite a bit, and you'll love (most) every minute of it!

  2. Molly says:

    Thank you for sharing so many pictures – it seems like he gets cuter in every batch.

    Is a baby dedication like a Baptism?

    • rboreing says:


      Thank you…we think he is getting cuter, especially with his smiles!! I love them!! A baby dedication is us, as parents, dedicating our child to the Lord and promising to raise him in a Christian home!

  3. kelly says:

    Aw, what adorable pictures! I love the outfit! Looks like ya'll had a wonderful weekend!

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