Our Week

It’s been a busy week this week! I’ve been working on getting our ┬áhouse in order and getting into a routine and doing a little transcribing work here and there so this blog has been a little neglected. However, I have taken a few pictures of Paxton throughout the week!

Snoozing Wednesday night! The picture is a little blurry but still precious!!

I just love his sweet little feet!!

Paxton is becoming so much more responsive! He smiles when we talk to him especially when he first wakes up and when he’s getting changed (he loves a clean diaper!) When we put a bib on him, he automatically calms down a little bit because he knows that a bib means that a meal is coming!! It’s amazing!

Here he is looking precious! He didn’t want to wake up so I could take pictures!!! His onesie is adorable…100% Boy! His little body is so long that this onesie is a 3-6 month (most of his 0-3’s are getting too small) however, his pants are 0-3 and still a little big in the waist!!

Look at that cute little face! This is after I woke him up so I could take a few pictures!!

He’s getting more and more head control but not completely…he looks little in this picture!

Look at that smile!! Oh, I just love those smiles…I get a teeny bit sad thinking that he is no longer a tiny little newborn but those smiles are amazing and I love that he knows his mama!!

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