Our (Very) Mobile Baby

Since we moved to Georgia yesterday, I’ve been busy packing over the past week! However, I have managed to snap some pictures of our little guy but haven’t had time to share them yet!

Here are some from last Tuesday:

Where’s Paxton?

I left him on his playmat and returned to our room about 5 minutes later to discover him halfway under our bed!!! I quickly grabbed the camera to capture the moment!

Reaching under the bed and beating on a box!

Look at that face…I have a feeling I’ll be seeing this look more often!

Boxes under mama’s bed make fun toys!!

After I took a few pictures, I put him back on his playmat and left to pack another box! When I returned a few minutes later I discovered this:

Yes, my child managed to somehow get underneath the playmat! He was just kicking and cooing and having a big ole time!

I believe this is just a foretaste of what being a mama of a boy is going to be like!!

Serious babyproofing will be occurring as we settle into our new home!

4 Responses to “Our (Very) Mobile Baby”

  1. Amanda Durham says:

    Rachel he is soo cute! Time will fly by so enjoy every minute. These pics remind me of my boys at that age. Nothing like being a mama of boys!! I love my Hayden and Bryton. I can't wait to see Paxton in person. Paxton is at that fun age….so ENJOY!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Ha ha! Too funny! You are going to have your hands full. Hope the move went smoothly!

  3. Denise says:

    I just love the pictures! I especially like the ones of him under the playmat!!

  4. Molly says:

    That's right, Mama, I can make my own toys!

    I can't wait until you have pictures of Paxton banging on pots and pans. 🙂

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