Our Thanksgiving

Our family celebrated Thanksgiving in a somewhat nontraditional way this year. We weren’t together.

John David went hunting with his dad and Paxton and I went to visit my parents. John David was successful with his hunting and Paxton and I had a wonderful visit with my family!

We watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade Thanksgiving morning and then just enjoyed spending time with my family!

Paxton showing off one of his new talents, waving! If we say “hi” he’ll wave! It’s so cute! Once he gets started though he just waves and waves!

The handsome little man!

Evidence of his Thanksgiving sweet potatoes around his mouth!

I’m so thankful for this little man! Around Thanksgiving last year was the very first time I felt him move…that was amazing and watching him grow, interact and learn is such a blessing!

Paxton enjoyed playing with his cousin Emerson’s toys…he really enjoyed this train!

Showing off his new skill…crawling!

On Thanksgiving night most of my mom’s family came to their house and had Mexican for dinner! It was nontraditional but yummy! Then Friday night we all went to my aunt’s house for a┬átraditional┬ádinner, everything was delicious and the best part was that our gathering turned into game night which was a blast! I’m hoping we’ll have another game night when we’re visiting for Christmas!!

(I did a horrible job taking pictures on this trip…I only took these! I really enjoyed just spending time with my family, relaxing and having help chasing Paxton around and keeping him out of things and I just didn’t bother with many pictures!)

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  1. Sarah says:

    Awww. How cute. Getting so big!

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