Our Rainy (Really Rainy) Saturday

We woke up this morning to a lot of rain, in fact it was perfect sleep-in weather, but with a 2-week-old, we didn’t do any sleeping in! After feeding Paxton we decided to give him his first real bath!!

He really enjoyed the warm water! In fact he was even kicking his little feet in the water!

When it came time to start washing him off, he decided maybe baths aren’t all that great!

Clean hair…oh the baby shampoo smells so good!

After drying him off and getting him dressed, I wrapped him up in a warm blanket! Since he was snug, he drifted off and John David and I straightened up our house since Paxton had visitors coming!

His Grandmother Boreing came and so did his Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Cobble! They visited a few hours and enjoyed holding and loving Paxton!

Nana had these adorable onesies¬†embroidered¬†for him! (I think I like the gray & blue one the best…but they are all really cute!!)

After the grandparents left, John David mentioned going to town to look at and maybe purchase a new vacuum cleaner (ours is on its last leg!) Due to the weather we decided not to go and we’re glad we did, it has been raining like crazy off and on all day and there is major flooding in Nashville (as well as throughout Tennessee). Thankfully, we don’t live near any creeks or rivers and our home is on a small hill so we are flood free.

Since we were “rained-in” we enjoyed a somewhat lazy afternoon watching TV and cuddling our sweet baby boy!

While we watched a few episodes of NCIS, Paxton snoozed, first on a blanket on the couch, then with mama and then with daddy. We love some of the ways Paxton curls up!

Look at this baby! Of course it was so much cuter in real life but this picture is pretty cute!

And later we picked him up and his hair was a mess! So cute!

So that was our Saturday! First bath, meeting great grandparents and snuggling…doesn’t get much better than that!

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