Our Monday

When I first woke up around 7:30, this is how I found Paxton! He had wiggled his way out of his sleep positioner sometime during the night! (He was put to bed in the middle of it!) I suppose he was trying to tell his mama that he’s too big for it! And you see him sucking on his thumb…yep he’s a thumb sucker and we’re okay with it (he only sucks his thumb when he is sleepy.)

After I started a load of laundry and picked up around the house a little, I brought him back to bed with me around 8 to let him nurse. I ended up falling asleep and so did he. John David moved him to the pack-n-play and let me sleep in (past 10…beautiful sleep!!)

And this is how I found him when I woke up the second time! He just looks so relaxed! (I told John David last night that it is quite funny that we both curl up in the fetal position to sleep and our son who was really in the fetal position a little over 12 weeks ago sleeps flat on his back…we can’t hardly sleep like that!)

We had a fabulous day! I love our Mondays! I was thinking just this weekend about how much I used to dislike Monday’s because it was the beginning of the school/work week and now it is a wonderful family day that I look forward to!

We enjoyed our day together! I’m finally procrastinating less and instead of whining about my messy house, I’m just picking up (and putting things back where they belong when we’re finished!) I’m noticing a difference in my attitude and I’ve been able to really relax and not feel guilty about sitting down and reading, playing and cuddling with Paxton or just doing nothing…I’m able to enjoy the moments! And I believe John David is noticing a difference too because he’s picking up and doing what needs to be done which is helping me even more!!

John David smoked pork chops for our lunch today! Oh my yumminess!!! They were so moist and delicious, I believe I could eat smoked pork chops everyday!!

And of course we held, cuddled, played and read to Paxton! I love our little family!

Paxton just sits in our laps and listens and looks as we read to him! And yes, we even do the different voices!!

So that was our lovely Monday!

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