Our Little Mess

Paxton is definitely in the explorer stage! He wants to get into every cabinet, drawer, purse or bag that he can find. It’s cute and it’s annoying and it’s also potentially dangerous!

We have all of the kitchen cabinets, minus “his cabinet” baby proofed but we haven’t baby proofed the bathroom cabinets because we always leave the bathroom door closed as a precaution as well as the toilet lids closed!

Last Sunday after church, I changed Paxton, went to the bathroom to put the diaper in the pail, washed my hands and apparently forgot to turn the light off and shut the door (a mommy moment!) I went in the kitchen for about 2 minutes and realized that I left the door open and light on.

I started down the hall and was greeted by this:

A child who had drug out the entire contents of the cabinet under the sink! And he took some nibbles out of both of the rolls of toilet paper!

{The cleaners are safe…we use non-toxic cleaners! Plus he was alone a whole 2 minutes and was more interested in the toilet paper!}

Lovely baby slobber on our toilet paper!

The guilty (but adorable) little man!

Oh, there is never, ever a dull moment in my home!

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  1. Sarah says:

    Ha ha! Too funny. You getting everything settled?

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