Our Little Love

After our parents left yesterday around 11, we spent pretty much all day just loving on our little love! How nice it was to just have time to be together as a family with nothing to do! He had a belly ache part of the afternoon so we spent quite a bit of time consoling our baby but we were 100% focused on him! (It’s tough to hold them while they cry and not be able to help…it brought tears to my eyes and I finally ┬ájust let him nurse whenever he started crying because it seemed to soothe him!) We watched a little TV and talked to Paxton…he is becoming so much fun these days!! We just love his smiles, coos and hearing him “talk”!

The bottom of his onesie from Grandmother! So cute!

Wearing his precious ice cream sundae pjs!! The white on his hat & sleeper trim has pastel sprinkles on it and you can see the cherry on top…so cute!

Our little ice cream sundae!

Paxton’s new best friend! He’s been sucking on his thumb and hand for about 2 weeks now and we are just letting him now since he seems to be soothed by it!

Our big boy sitting so good in his Bumbo! He’s one talented little guy…sitting up, moving his new best friend to his mouth and trying to take his jammies off…all at once!!

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