Our Little Farmer

Now that the weather is finally getting cooler, Paxton is wearing some of  his fall clothes!! My mom gave him this John Deere romper and it’s just precious, he looks like a little farmer!!

He looks little here to me because of his sleepy face!

With my little love! I believe Paxton has brown eyes! We’ve been trying to decide what color they are but compared to mine they are definitely brown!

Hanging out with Daddy!!

He loves going after the camera (or any other electronic device for that matter…cell phones, iPads, keyboards, calculators, he loves it all!!)

Relaxing in his crib!! He loves his crib especially his mobile! (Aren’t his socks adorable?)

3 Responses to “Our Little Farmer”

  1. kelly says:

    He is precious!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    He is so cute! Love these!

  3. Kelly Blurton says:

    He is growing up into a little man with a personality all his own. He is a little angel. Love him enough for us all. We miss you.

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