Our Little Drool Baby

Paxton is definitely not a newborn anymore! I am slowly adjusting to this, I had gotten used to a baby that just easily went to sleep and never drooled all over his clothes!

Now he gets a little fussy and needs help to nap, usually his thumb or a paci combined with rocking or holding him close soothes him during the day! (At night we lay him in his crib, he talks about 5 minutes and then goes to sleep, it’s wonderful!)¬†And drooling…we go through at least 2 or 3 onesies during the day or 3-4 bibs!

Check out the bubbles and drool getting ready to dribble onto his clean onesie!

Caught in the act!

I believe he may be teething, he loves to chew! He chews on bibs, burp cloths, rattles, stuffed animals, his paci and mamas finger (ouch!) We can’t see or feel any teeth but we know it’s possible! Then again he could be like my niece; my sister thought she was teething around 4 months but didn’t get her first tooth until 2 weeks before her first birthday! (Isn’t that every nursing mother’s dream! I certainly wouldn’t complain if he didn’t get teeth for several more months!)

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