Our Home at Christmas

Welcome to my home! This beautiful wreath that my friend Kara made for me is on my front door!

We finally have a big Christmas tree! This is our 4th Christmas together but our very first year to actually have a big tree! John David’s Aunt Loretta gave it to us and it’s just wonderful! It’s decorated with our collection of ornaments from our childhood!

My favorite ornament! My Aunt Kim gave this to me several years ago and I think it’s beautiful!

These were for John David’s First Christmas in 1986! I think it’s very special that we have these on the tree this year since we’re expecting a baby boy!!

John David’s mom gave us this ornament in 2006 for our first Christmas!

We have two of these boot ornaments, one in blue and one in pink that John David’s mom gave us in 2007!

This year’s ornament from John David’s mom! She gave us a red one and a green one! I just love them because they match my living room decor!

I don’t have a lot of room to display many items so I put the blanket chest to good use! My mom gave me the nativity the first Christmas we were married! We don’t have a fireplace so there was nowhere to hang the stockings so I placed them here (and yes, Mac, our Yorkie-Poo has a stocking!)

This apothecary jar was made festive with old Christmas lights! (Cute & green!)

My beautiful rocking chair, that John David gave for Christmas in 2007, has my snowman and gingerbread girl that I’ve had since I was a little girl! (This rocking chair will soon be in the nursery rocking our sweet baby boy!)

I even put our red tree in our guest bath to make it look a little more festive! Next year it will be in the nursery!!

My beautiful table! The table runner is from John David’s mom and the place mats are from my mom!

Close up of the festive wintery placemats!
That’s pretty much all of my decorations, nothing fancy, but special to me since it’s the first year I’ve really been able to decorate (hard to decorate much in a tiny apartment!)! We had 2 boxes of Christmas decorations to work with, I figure I’ll accumulate more Christmas decorations as the years pass!

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