Our Great Summer Trip

Paxton and I are on our great summer trip! We left Monday to visit with my dad’s family in Virginia so he could meet his great grandparents and great uncles, aunts and extended family! We enjoyed a few days there and Friday we met Annette and Jill (better known as Grandmother and Aunt Jill) to visit with John David’s family a few days!

Look at our happy boy in his Mayfield Dairy t-shirt from his grandmother!

Visiting with his great grandparents! He was a bit fussy in this shot but enjoyed visiting and talking with them!!

Looks like he’s saying, “Hi Papaw!”

All smiles for his Aunt Jill!

Our chunky monkey! It looks like he’s been eating Mayfield ice-cream at 10 p.m. like his daddy…but he’s not! He’s just a very healthy boy!!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I forgot you had this blog. Thanks for reminding me.

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